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La Panzanella Mini Croccatini 6 oz.
SKU: 33321

La Panzanella Mini Croccatini

6 oz.

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A line extension from La Panzanella ( is going to make gourmet cooks, caterers, and people who love to entertain with quality food very happy. The award-winning Croccantini line of artisan-made gourmet Italian flatbreads is being resized to a "two bite" size to create a new line: Mini Croccantini. There are a lot of 'foodies' who appreciate a more consistent presentation for their appetizers, food trays and displays. The beauty of this new line is they offer uniform size to meet this need. A smaller size - perfect for two delicious bites -- also will offer the consumer and the retailer the advantage of less product breakage during transit.