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Casale del Giglio Bellone Bianco 2023 750ml
SKU: 34255

Casale del Giglio Bellone Bianco 2023


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Category White Wine
Origin Italy, Lazio
Brand Casale del Giglio

Deep yellow flecked with gold. The wine evokes sunshine and ripe tropical fruit such as mango and papaya, carefully balanced by a marked acidity which makes it suitable for long bottle aging. Rich, ample and lingering on the palate with light floral and spicy notes. Hallmarked by its pronounced acidity and zesty tang. A long finish.

Bellone is a grape variety cited by Pliny the Elder and present in the Latium region since Roman times. Today the grape is cultivated from the Roman to the Lepini hills and beyond to the hinterland of the coastal town of Anzio, where, in warm sandy soils tempered by a relentless sea breeze, the grape has found an ideal microclimate.